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Keeping Your Pets Safe When Moving Or Rearranging Furniture

April 11, 2023 by L. Belle


Rearranging Furniture Can Be A Fun And Exciting Activity To Give Your Home A Fresh Look

But while you’re busy playing interior decorator, you might not realize that your furry friend has other plans in mind. Yes, that’s right – pets can have some pretty strong opinions about furniture rearrangement too! So, before you embark on your next furniture rearranging project, here are some tips for keeping your pets safe.


Doggy Daredevils

Dogs may see rearranging furniture as an obstacle course to conquer. They’ll zigzag through the maze of moving chairs and tables, wagging their tail in excitement, and barking as if they’re competing for a gold medal. So, make sure to secure any wobbly furniture and watch out for your pup’s daredevil stunts, lest you end up with a DIY demolition project instead of a new living room layout.


Be Prepared for Feline Fury

If you have a cat, you know they rule the roost. And when it comes to rearranging furniture, they take their role as the supreme ruler very seriously. As soon as you start moving that couch, your cat’s eyes will narrow, and their tail will puff up like a bottle brush. Before you know it, they’ll be on a mission to reclaim their throne. So, be prepared for a stealthy ambush from your feline overlord and have a toy or treat handy to distract them from their devious plans to scratch that brand new sofa you just placed in their favorite spot.


Keep Pets Confined To A Secure Area

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your pet’s safety is to keep them confined to a secure area away from the movers. This can prevent them from getting underfoot and potentially getting injured, as well as preventing them from running out the door and getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Consider placing your pet in a room that is familiar to them, such as a bedroom or a bathroom, with plenty of toys, water, and food to keep them occupied. Make sure to let the movers know which room your pet is in and ask them to keep the door closed while they work. You may also want to put a sign on the door reminding the movers that there is a pet inside and to be careful.


pets toys



Consider Boarding For Anxious Pets

If your pet is prone to anxiety or becomes agitated easily, you may want to consider boarding them with a trusted pet sitter or at a kennel during the moving process. This can provide a safe and secure environment for your pet and prevent them from getting overly stressed by the hustle and bustle of moving day.  Find local pet boarding options.


sad pet during furniture rearranging project


Secure Pet’s Belongings

Another essential step is to make sure that all of your pet’s belongings are packed away and secured before the movers arrive. This includes food and water bowls, toys, and any other items your pet may have. This can prevent these items from getting in the way of the movers or causing a hazard for your pet.


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Spend Extra Time With Your Pets Before Movers Start Rearranging Furniture 

It’s important to spend some extra time with your pet before and after your furniture moving project to help them adjust to their new surroundings. Provide plenty of love and attention, and be patient as they acclimate to their new home. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety and make the transition smoother for everyone involved.  


Safety Always Come First

Securing your pets during the moving process is an essential step to ensure their safety and well-being. By keeping them confined to a secure area, boarding them with a trusted pet sitter, or properly securing their belongings, you can help your furry friends stay safe and comfortable during this stressful time. Remember to provide extra love and attention before and after the move to help them adjust to their new home.


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Belle’s Hauling & Moving, LLC understands how important your family is to you.  Safety is one of our top priorities when providing quality furniture rearranging services, junk removal services  and moving projects in the Maryland area.  

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“From feline fury to doggy dare-devils, pets can certainly have strong opinions about changes in their living space. With a little preparation you can make sure your pets stay safe while you give your home a fresh look. Happy rearranging!”

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