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Belle’s Hauling & Moving will provide you with a free quote or estimate by phone, text, email or using our website contact forms. There may be a small surcharge for on-site or in person quotes. Quotes and estimates are not legally binding contracts and are subject to change based on additions to your inventory, added travel or stops, and approved add-on services.

Pets and children

For the safety of your family and our crew, please keep the work area and pathways free and clear of all pets and children so we can focus on protecting your property without distractions. Please have your pets secured in a separate location prior to our arrival.


Our crew will take care and safety precautions to avoid damage however mishaps occasionally may happen. In the event that damage is caused by fault of our crew, BELLE’S HAULING & MOVING, LLC reserves the right to repair the damage(s) in question. If we determine that a damage cannot be repaired, we reserve the right to either replace or compensate (Actual Cash Value) for the damage. If there is an issue, you must notify Belle’s Hauling and Moving LLC immediately. If you uncover damage after the move, please notify us within 72 hours of your move. All monies due for our performed services must be paid in full before any damage claims will be honored.


Pre Packed Items 

Belle’s Hauling and Moving LLC is only responsible for items handled and controlled specifically and entirely by our team.  Our crew cannot be responsible for damaged items in boxes or containers that was not professionally packed by us. Furthermore, we are not responsible for anything we remove out of a storage facility that was not professionally wrapped, packed or placed in by us, including the furniture, boxes or any other items. We will not be responsible for the failure or breakage of furniture/items in weak or already failing condition.

Loading Services

Our company is happy to provide stand alone loading services however we are unable to leave our supplies with your or your items after services are complete on the specific day. It is recommended that you provide or purchase in advance any moving padding, blankets, and straps for securing your belongings long term. Please ask for recommendations for packing equipment for your move if need be.  

Assembly Services

Our experienced crew provides careful assembly services . Manufactured and mass produced items many times arrive damaged, scratched and sometimes slightly imperfect right out of the box. BELLE’S HAULING & MOVING, LLC is not responsible for imperfection or design flaws of store brought items we are hired to assemble.

Revision of Estimate

Your estimate may be revised upon arrival if we find that your inventory or details previously described has changed or was incompletely expressed by yourself. We may agree on a revised fee for the updated inventory or services before starting. If an agreement cannot be reached and you elect to cancel at the last minute you will be responsible for our service charge of $200 for expenses and our time loss. Deposits paid in advance for reservations are non refundable in the event that you cancel, or change your move date or time.

Payment Options

Payment in full is due immediately at completion of service. For your convenience payments can be made in cash, or major credit cards such as VisaMasterCardDiscover and  American Express. We also accept debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo. Payment method must be expressed in advance at time of booking. Unfortunately we cannot accept checks of any kind, PayPal, Prepaid cards, Cash App, Zelle, Venmo or any other payment types other than what’s expressed here.


Although tipping is not required, any amount of gratuity it is appreciated for an exceptional job well done!

Belle’s Hauling and Moving Rights

We reserve the right to decline a move either in part or in its entirety if we feel that conditions are unsafe or excessively unclean. In additions, we will not be able to complete a move at a property with conditions of infestation such as bed bugs, fleas or any other infestation deemed unsafe by our crew.



Although a rare occurrence, during times of unsafe weather/travel such as snow or ice we may elect to reschedule your appointment to the next available day and time that we both can agree on. Safety of your valuables and our crew is of utmost priority. Belle’s Hauling & Moving reserves the right to amend our terms, conditions and policy at any time.

BELLE’S HAULING AND MOVING, LLC treats all personal information in a professional manner within the highest ethical standards. We may share you personal data or information with affiliated organizations. We will not sell you personal data or information to third parties or unaffiliated entities.

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